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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nuts and Bolts

At this stage of my project there are really two areas, being evaluated against the reference artists' work that I am focussing on to establish the tone of the film:

-Poses and gestures

There are certain gestures or posture that
uniquely identify characters, particularly modern
myth characters, like Superman or Spiderman,
even if they are only seen in silhouette. This
includes body poses, face poses and original character design.
It's my intention to depict, clearly and visually, that this is a story about Heroes and Villains.

-Properties(all props.), texture, Color Palette

Ideally I will have figured out, fairly soon, a set of rules or a theme
for these interconnected elements. Right now, I am thinking to
primarily work in shades of a muted slate blue, and muted red,
and shades of grey. Having green trees and forrestry "Pop-out"
from that should be visually interesting. Also, possibly tinting with
a virtual neutral density, or slate blue filter at the end, may help blend everything.

(Image Below is by Leinil Yu)
"Superman Birthright" is © DC Comics group ® All rights reserved

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Blackmale photos of a Troll.

Flikr's a pain in the A$$. I like the idea of being able to have a seperate image posting service from my Blog, but Flikr makes it difficult to find just the html code that points to where the picure is. Instead, it's much easier to find their "Blog this" button which creates a seperate Blog entry for every single stinkin photo and , but of course they add a nice little hotlink to that takes people to the Flikr website so they can peddle their services. I personally think this process is retarded...if you didn't pick that up already and am still trying to figure out how I got the code for the first images I posted.

Anyway the pictures below are of Lauryn Smith, a classmate of mine at NYU: CADA. The images are being used as reference to build another character fo my thesis project. I joked to Lauryn and said that I was going to make her a troll, she insisted that she would better fit the roll of a "Sexy Elf Chick" (Index Fingers pointed up and around her ear area "Blinking", I was appalled by her vanity and reiterated that she would be a troll. After some consideration I won't make Lauryn a troll, I do however think I can model a character from the photos of her that will make a pretty cool field general for my bouncing stilt-walker army.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Still not quite enough.

I will add a journal entry here though.

My younger sister was home this week on break and so I'm allowing myself some "time off" of my thesis. She wanted to rent movies, at the beginning of the week, which is always great for me to do personally and professionally. We rented "The Grudge", "She Hate Me", "Saw" and "Girl With a Pearl Earing."

"The Grudge" was decent, by the end, but a lot like "The Ring"; I only saw the Japanese version.

"She Hate Me" was the best shot Spike Lee film I've ever seen, but conversely almost the worse story only second to "Girl 6."
The thing that sucked the worse about the film is that it starts off making you believe that it is brilliantly structured satire that comments on the current state of human greed, averice, and malice in government and corporate subculture only to belittle itself as a bizarre circus sideshow where the embattled star of the film becomes the soulmate of two lesbian women and their two collective children. WTF!?!

"Saw" was decent, but too predictable, Definitely nowhere near 7even. I didnt even hear about the movie until it was almost out of the theatres, but all that I'd read at that point said that it was overrated when compared to Seven, so I assumed that was wht all the early reviews compared it to.

"Girl with a Pearl Earing" was by far the best movie of the group and even that film had gaps that weren't filled either by poor direction, poor screenplay condensing of the novel, or just bad choices made by the original novelist. A lot of those things showed themselves when watching the "Behind The Scenes Featurette" on the DVD. The interviews layed some things out that should have been told visually that never were. Overall though it was better than average and Scarlett Johanson was gorgeous.

I am also going to check out the new "Dali" exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum with my sisters, if we can get tickets and we'll also be checking out the Egypt Gallery at the University of Penn. Museum, which is permanent. Visiting museums is something that I always secretly wanted to do, but was always "Too Cool", or too busy "Dealing with Real Life" to be frivolously visiting museums. However, now, that I almost consider myself an artist I feel justified in going. (Note: Children this is not a justifiable way of doing things, if you genuinely want to do something that there's nothing wrong with doing that don't let superficial obstacles get in the way.) Interestingly enough it took a rather unsettling experience at an artists' gallery for me to actually begin to view myself as an artist. I'll put that in the next Blog entry though.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Gotta move the images down and out of the way of the sidebar.

Technology is never perfect.

My first 3 modelled characters, almost COMPLETE

I'm finally getting the hang of Flikr, an image posting service that allows me to sore my images online, but also forward them to this blog to be viewed online.