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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Travis Charest

Travis Charest's artistic style and depiction of character in a particular context is THE major influence on the aesthetic of my sci-fi/fantasy work right now. Travis Charest is one of the few comic book illustrators that has re-established the look of traditonal art styles prior to the "Comic Book" art style era in popular books published now. Charest's work seems influenced mostly by Greek/Italian/renaissance period art.

Joe Mad!

Joe Madureira's art is one the many artistic influences on my work. I'm still organizing my refernce art and am really trying to whittle down my selection to something manageable and also create an aesthic paradigm for my project which combines sci-fi/ high technology and ancient myth-based fantasy. Joe Mad and Travis Charest, both illustrators primarily for comic books and graphic novels, are my main influences for tastefully blending lots of elements. So, primarily that's what I'm doing today while sorting through all these reference images.