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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's with the Political stuff?

Ok, this is a blog/journal about science-fiction/fantasy stories, but also science-fiction/fantasy stories many times are used as metaphorical constructs of the real world often times making social commentaries on the state of the world or the world viewed from one perspective at the time the stories are created.  Science-Fiction/Fantasy looks at the for what is and what it could be at least most good science-fiction/fantasy does.  If you look at Lord of The Rings the recurring motif of the story is the idea of people supporting other people that they typically would not support against the evils of absolute power, lust, greed and selfishness.  Another recurring motif is the realization that the barriers standing between people are artificial and in all cases detrimental to everyone involved.   Most people don't see fantasy/science-fiction in this way and that's good, because no one wants to be preached to and feel judged it's also bad because people tend to view the ideas presented as overly idealistic or naive and then go back to their highly discriminatory or "Sheeple" way of life multiplied by millions of brains enacting what is in fact the real socialist/facist agenda that's been in place since the inception of this country on a day to day basis.

What I mean by all of this is that it's not just minorities that are discriminated against...and people know what I mean when I describe these things like "If you're not blond enough..." or "If you are blond you must be...", "If you are blond and have big boobs, you absolutely must be...", "If you're 'attractive' you must be..."(not going to mention that if you have a heterogeanous population you can't have one stnadard of beauty, but America does because helps certain people, or  you're "Not 'Smart' enough...", "Not thin enough...", "Not conservative enough...", "Not trendy enough..." you get marginalized or even targeted for social extermination that's really the definition of socialism and facism because there's one group that exclusively doesn't get marginalized in this kind of way and it's W.A.S.P males.  Seriously, W.A.S.P males the same people that have been getting a pass since the drafting of the Constitution...if you don't fall into this category you could get lumped into a stereotype and painted with a big ass bull's eye tomorrow.  I can't believe there are still women that accept the trophy wife role. 

Here's more racism within politics being paraded around as "Anti-PC."  Brown Latinos better watch their backs in Nevada the Teabaggers just keep getting the green light to discriminate indiscriminately.  I truly hope Sharon Angle doesn't win.  She just seems like a total headcase that shouldn't be in charge of anything more that Sunday school scheduling.

Tea Party Racism at it's best:

The level of blatant racism that's been unleashed to the general public is definitely driving me batty, but I'm sure I'll be back after the election, regardless of the results.

A look back to two years ago and the beginning of the Tea Party movement where the familiar "Obama is a Muslim",  "Obama is not a US Citizen" rhetoric began.  Undeniably racist origin.