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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Deep Blue...

This is primarily just a stress test for rendering full scenes for Nommo.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dedicated to the McNabb haters in Philly...

...OK, this is an interruption of your regularly scheduled programming

This is a blog for my Nommo project, but the aggravation in me has been growing all season long. I have to get it out. I'm sick of the racists in Philly that hate McNabb. I saw the same identical build up of racism leveled against a Black quarterback fueled by the media in Philly before and that quarterback's name was Randall Cunningham...another quarterback headed to the fame.

Words of a fan on Randall Cunningham
David Kowalski

"Randall Cunningham is hands down a Hall of Famer, maybe not this year but in the next couple here are the reasons why, Randall has better stats than HOF Joe Nameth, in Cunninghams 16 year career he has a comp. pct. of 56.6, 29,979 yards, 207/134 TD/INT, and thats just passing, running he has 4928 yards and 35 TDS, not to mention when the Eagles called on him to punt, he did it well. Now you may say that those stats alone don't get him in but he is a 3 time MVP, Only Unitas, Favre, Jim Brown, and Y.A. Tittle have won 3 NFL MVP awards, Montana only won 2 NFL MVP, all in the hall or on there way. Now you say that most of them have a ring, but what Randall lacked in rings he brought with other things. Cunningham was a pioner for the Dual Threat quarterback, so now players like Vick and McNabb can thank him for that, but not only that Cunningham was a very successful quarterback when black quarterbacks were not given a chance. For all of this I believe he should get his bid into the hall."

Words from the PRESIDENT OF FOOTBALL OPERATIONS for the Eagles.
Joe Banner

"I can't envision a situation in which [McNabb] is not our quarterback next year,"

"We are talking about a quarterback who went to four straight [NFC] championship games. There are only four quarterbacks in the history of the league that have done that. You are talking about a quarterback who has had a higher winning percentage in his first seven years in the league than Peyton Manning. You are talking about a quarterback that has one of the highest quarterback ratings over the first seven seasons, one of the best TD-to-interceptions ratios of any quarterback in the history of this game in his first seven seasons in the league. . .

"My expectation, and I can't really even picture a different scenario, is that he'll be the quarterback."

Donovan McNabb will more likely than not be the Eagles starting quarterback until he decides it's time to hang up the cleats and he will probably win a few Superbowls in the process, so just think about how long Elway was in Denver...That's probably how long Donovan will be with the Eagles. Deal with it however you like. It's sickening, for me anyway, to feel like I have to defend a young eventual Hall of Fame quarterback, because more than a few people want to judge the quarterback on things other than stats, but don't want to admit it.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thinking Beast Experiment

(Final) Digital sculpting on Computers is a Godsend for technically minded artists/filmmakers. I primarily use Maya, modo, ZBrush on OS X and have worked in Linux, but am not a huge fan.


After a good hiatus, much needed funds for real life, I may be back to Nommo:NSR, but I have quite a few irons in the fire.