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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

PreVisualization Animatic

I'm not nearly as comfortable displaying this stuff as some of the other work I've posted recently. This is an animatic and screenshots from the animatic that lays broad strokes and begins to give an idea of what the pacing of the trailer will "feel" like. Missing are the cut away shots showing the closer look at the four armies approaching RA. I'll be posting a story synopsis for the trailer shortly.

Nommo: New Story of RA animatic v.1

That Didn't work out too well...

Ok, well I'm going to add some more things, including animation clips. You'll have to email me at to aquire the username and password for the animations.(sorry, no way around that just yet.)



The depth of Field effect, which theoretically blurs everything in front of and behind the subject of the image, can really only be seen in these larger renderings, it is pretty important to the readability of the scene, it begins to emulate a style connected to film and gives a "More real feel" to the whole thing. It's hard to explain, but hopefully you'll be be able to see what I mean from the images.

Image Plowing into My Sidebar again...

I'm posting these images and journal entry to try to tidy up my Blog a bit and get that image from clashing. Essentially, this is a model that I already posted earlier, without some modifications and a completely different surface material. I'm posting both images, because I used it for a class assignement to combine CG materials with Real world footage. Let me know what think about the image in general and try to compare the two images.


My personal favorite.

Probably the better one.