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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Current Favorites:
two songs: "Ghetto Rock" - Mos Def, "Big Weenie" - Eminem
two movies: "House of Flying Daggers", "Kinsey"

While I have some characters and a basic animatic already built I need to take time to organize my reference materials to streamline my modeling and texturing workflow. Unfortunately, all of my material is scattered all over my computers. I hate to do product plugs, but I just got and started using Extensis Portfolio 7 and it really is awesome at helping to organize lots of images quickly.

NOMMO the movie

This is my first entry for my thesis journal. I am testing the blog thing to see if it will allow me to journal my progress in a convenient, effective and finished way. It will be ideal to be able to edit and publish this from anywhere since I move around so much, primarirly between Philadelphia and New York daily. If you didn't know already I'm Butch Arrington, currently a grad. student at NYU. I am a Master's candidate in NYU's Center for Advanced Digital Applications otherwise known as CADA. "Nommo" is the tentative title for my thesis project and the film teaser trailer of a movie I would like to produce VERY SOON! "Nommo" is a West African term that roughly means "Word Magic" and it is very often used in reference to idea of weaving, or crafting stories orally by a person like a griot. A very important element of my film concept is the idea that the story itself is a story that is like mythology being passed down from generation to generation. The opening of the story includes a father telling one of the many "modern" stories of RA to his son.