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Friday, January 28, 2005

Sexism and Racism in Contemporary Fantasy Art.

As I'm looking through reference material and rediscovering some art that I've seen in the past and admired, but didn't know the names of the artists of I am beginning to see certain elements of the artist's body of work and Fantasy art as a genre that concerns me. Namely, work that falls into the same category as Frank Frazetta, and Simon Bisely's work. While I would not would not be foolish enough, as a man, to say something as stupid as " I abhor the sight of voluptuous nude women." I do have two sisters and feel like a lot of the work within the fantasy genre is offensive to them. I intend on having more than one female character and am wrestling on how to depict them. FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREAT HERE. The female characters won't all be weak and in need of saving so then there is the idea of how to physically depict them. I would like to have an erotic elemen, if only for appeal, but I want to find some middle ground between an asexual "Butch" female and a gyrating "Music video girl."

A good sampling of Fantasy art:

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